News and Press

1/2/2016: New UAV brochure released, showing GMTIB competences, services, projects…: Download-Link

25/11/2015: Norman Hallermann of GMTIB speaks at the ICE – Topcon – Lecture at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London, presenting GMTIB technologies and recent projects in the context of “Mass Data Collection”: Video Link (starts at 15:40min)

22/11/2015: Report in the regional TV program (MDR-Thuringia Journal) about the research work with UAVs at the Bauhaus-University Weimar:  Video-Link

November 2015: Website on construction of Mersey Gateway Bridge (GMTIB has been responsible for Wind Engineering checks): Link

October 2015: At the Conference of the Institute of Structural Engineering Guido Morgenthal presented the new wind tunnel of his lab. This facility will allow high performance testing of aerodynamic behaviour of structures. Image1 / Image2 / Image3

2/5/2015: Article “Alte Dame steht im Visier moderner Technik”, Volksstimme: Link

April 2015: The city of Magdeburg reports on UAV-based inspections of Anna Ebert Brücke carried out by GMTIB: Link

March 2015: Live-monitoring of Schindgraben Bridge during blasts performed in the adjacent quarry: Image1 / Image2

21/1/2015: Article “Foto-Drohne macht Inspektion von Bauwerken günstiger”, Thüringer Allgemeine: Link

November 2014: First ever 3D print of a structural model generated from photos taken during a UAV-based inspection: Leaning Tower of Bad Frankenhausen, Image

September 2014: Guido Morgenthal has been awarded this year’s IABSE Prize in Madrid: Link

22/6/2014: Article “Im Tiefflug durch den Dom”, Volksstimme: Link