Portfolio: Structural Health Monitoring

Scope of Services

Besides our activities in using UAV for remote visual inspection, our firm develops tailor-made efficient and robust technology for sensor-based Structural Health Monitoring applications.

Microcontroller-based Systems

We have developed our own monitoring system based on standard microcontroller hardware, adding sensor interface boards and custom-made data acquisition software. The systems are based on standard Linux components and integrate a wide range of sensor types.


The ASPIRE app developed for the Android mobile operating system allows to employ standard smartphone and tablet devices for monitoring tasks.

More information on the systems, their features and performance is available upon request


Our sensor-based monitoring systems have been employed for measurements at the following structures:

  • Rehau fabrication facilities
  • Miscellaneous suspension bridges in Rwanda and Nicaragua
  • External post-tensioning tendons

We are actively cooperating with a sensor developer to bring the technology to more structures in the future.

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